Java - Tips'n Tricks - Sorting a text file and writing the result into a sorted file

How to read, sort and write a new file with a specific text file?
A great question, isn't it?

What about a Java example to show how to read a file, sorting it and writing the result into a new text file?

Let's see that in this tutorial with a classic exercise, to manipulate inputs and outputs files.

C - Type - Converting two uint8_t words into one of uint16_t and one of uint16_t into two of uint8_t

Sometimes you need to convert one uint16_t variable into two uint8_t.

As we manipulate binaries, it's impossible to do something like that: 0xAB + 0xCD = 0xABCD.

Indeed, the result of 0xAB + 0xCD = 0x178 because 0xAB = 171 and 0xCD = 205.

Android - SQLite - Basics

A classic way to deal with database, with Android, it's to use the SQLite classes.

What's unique in SQLite is that you don't need a server where running your database.
Indeed, everything is already inside your Android application.

And of course impossible to another application to read this database.

Android - API Google Maps - Using MapType

I think the MapType is certainly the most fascinating feature of GoogleMaps and also one of the most easy to understand and make alive in an Android application.

With one click it's possible to change the display of the map such as hybrid, none, normal, satellite or terrain.

Android - API Google Maps - Using Google Maps API v2

Google made a new version of its famous Google Maps API, called Google Maps API v2.

Things are new, such as the OpenGL ES version 2.

But let's try to create an application, in this Google Maps API v2 tutorial for Windows 7 and less or more.

UNIX & GNU/Linux - Tips and tricks - Having more than 4 workspaces with Ubuntu 13.04

With Ubuntu 13.04, you certainly found out that there is, by default, only one workspace.

If you want more, there are solutions.

First of all enable workspaces, then change (if you want) the number of workspaces.

Let's see this in this tutorial.

Oracle - VirtualBox - A better resolution with a guest Ubuntu

By installing a Ubuntu guest with VirtualBox on Windows, you likely found a basic resolution, such as 1024*768.

Unfortunately, you have a screen with a 1920*1200 resolution, it's impossible to let this like that.

There is of course a solution to increase this basic setup, but with a maximum of 1440*1050.

Electronics - MSP430 - Using P1OUT and P2OUT registers of the LaunchPad to manipulate LEDs with bit shifting

After creating a software to count in binary, let's see how bit shifting works.

In this tutorial we are going to see how to turn on and off a single LED each time we will be using the left bit shifting.

Electronics - MSP430 - Using P1OUT pins and LEDs to count in binary

Maybe you've always dreamed to understand how to count in binary.

What do you think about learning it with a MSP430 LaunchPad and LEDs?

If you are still interested, that's what we are going to see with this tutorial and a video.

Let's get started.

Electronics - MSP430 - Switching on a LED with a breadboard

In this MSP430 tutorial we will see how to use the LaunchPad to switch on a LED with a breadboard.

It's an easy tutorial for beginners. Simple, easy and useful.

You can watch the result of the tutorial directly with the video below:


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