Ruby on Rails 3 - Server - Start the (native) Webrick server

To start the native server of Ruby on Rails, WEBrick, you have to open a shell and go until the path of your website and write "rails server" to start it. Example on Windows:

$ C:/rubyOnRails/site1> rails server

Same for GNU/Linux:

MySQL - Commands - Pager

There is a way on GNU/Linux to change the display of the result of the SQL query. Just type:

$ pager less -i -n -S

Now make a command and look this new display!

UNIX & GNU/Linux - System calls - readdir()

The readdir() system call function is used to read into a directory.

UNIX & GNU/Linux - System calls - opendir()

The opendir() system call function is used to open a directory and to return a pointer on this directory.

UNIX & GNU/Linux - tcsh - Builtin commands source

In this tutorial we will see what is the source builtin command.
We will set the prompt of our tcsh as example.

UNIX & GNU/Linux - make - Makefile

A Makefile has to be named Makefile with the first letter in capitalize.

There can be only one such file.
It is called with the make tool.
To use it simply write make on your terminal and it will execute the rules in your Makefile.

UNIX & GNU/Linux - System calls - fork()

The fork() function is a Linux system call function.
It is used to make a new identical process from another one.

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