Eclipse - Tips'n tricks - Generating getters and setters from the Source menu

An easy way to generate getters and setters is to use the Source option within Eclipse Indigo.

For example, create a new file, add the following lines and select them:

int nbPeople;
int nbAnimal;

Then right click.
On the menu select Source > Generate getters and setters.
On the new window, click on the right Select All, then Next and Finish.

Your getters and setters are generated for you as follows:

int getNbAnimal() const
    return nbAnimal;

int getNbPeople() const
    return nbPeople;

void setNbAnimal(int nbAnimal)
    this->nbAnimal = nbAnimal;

void setNbPeople(int nbPeople)
    this->nbPeople = nbPeople;

Thanks a lot dear Eclipse wink

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