Eclipse - Explorer - Removing all .svn folders

You maybe wondering how to remove .svn folders from your Eclipse explorer.
In this tutorial we will see how to hide .svn directories.

Open your Eclipse.
Click the project name in the explorer.
Right click it.

Properties > Resource > Resource Filters

Click the Add button on the right.


Exclude all
Folders and All children (recursive)

Then write in the input:


Click OK.
Click Apply.
Click OK.

That's all! devil



You can remove the .svn folders in your project by:

1. Open Terminal
2. cd "Your project path"
3. find . -type d -name .svn -depth -exec rm -rf {} \;


Hello Steve,

Yes thank you for your comment, to be honest the right title of this tutorial should have been "Hiding all .svn folders" because the aim was to keep the .svn folders on the hard drive.

With Eclipse you could just hide them. smiley

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