Eclipse - Indigo - PHP installation with PHP Development Tools (PDT)

With the last Eclipse version, Indigo, there is no special IDE for PHP.
So you have either to install the Helios PDT version or install Indigo and then install PDT.

I love innovation, so I will show you how to install, in this tutorial, the new Indigo version and then PDT within.

First of all, download the Indigo Eclipse version on the official website:

Ckick Download and choose the right version you want. I suggest you the Eclipse IDE for JavaScript Web Developers.
Once downloaded and installed, open Eclipse and click:

Help > Install New Software...

There is an input named:

Work with

Fill it with the link:

Wait a few minutes until all links appear.

On the Programming Languages link, select:

PHP Development Tools (PDT) SDK Feature

and click Next, Accept and Finish.

Eclipse will ask you to restart itself, say Yes and it will reopen.

PHP is now on your Indigo Eclipse version, ready to code a new Google smiley