Electronics - STM32 - Initializing and enabling all pins at the same time on the STM32F103ZE-SK board

You probably won't use directly this code, but it's always interesting to know how to initialize all pins and activate them.
So let's see how to do this, in this STM32F103ZE-SK tutorial.

We are of course free to plug or weld LEDs on some ports in order to see then blink.

Electronics - STM32 - Using the User button to play with the LCD screen and the STM32F103ZE-SK board

In this STM32F103ZE-SK tutorial we are going to see how to use the User button of the board by turning on and off the LCD screen.
The LCD screen is on the GPIO B peripheral and on the GPIO_Pin_5 port.

UNIX & GNU/Linux - Tips and tricks - Installing Google Chrome on Ubuntu

What would we do without Google? Who knows. But this is not the question. In this tutorial we will see how to install Google Chrome on Ubuntu 12.04.

It may seem easy like that, but it isn't. And I'm a bit surprise about that. But anyway, let's see this.

C - Binary - Operation with decimals

A good way to understand binary operations is to play with decimals.

Yes, if you can manipulate decimals like binaries, then you can say "OK! I've understood how binary works".

Let's check this with this binary-operation tutorial with decimal numbers.

C - Type - What are uint8_t, uint16_t, uint32_t and uint64_t?

You are likely wondering what are uint8_t, uint16_t, uint32_t and uint64_t.
That's a good question. Because it could be really helpul!

Eclipse - Arduino - Installation

You would like to program with Arduino but you can't do this with the Arduino Software provided.

Instead you would prefer to use your favorite IDE: Eclipse.

That's what we're going to see in this Eclipse and Arduino setup tutorial from scratch.

Android - Installation - On Linux Ubuntu 64-bit with a 32-bit ADT version

You can easily use the following Windows Android setup tutorial to install the Android Development Tools on your Linux system except that you will need the 32-bit libraries and install a JDK.

C++ - Tips'n Tricks - Using interface and abstract classes to compute the shape's area

You're maybe wondering what are interface and abstract classes? That's a good point.

In this tutorial we're going to see how to compute the area of a shape by declaring an array of undefined shapes.

After this, we will be able to use this shape as an object with this kind of Factory design pattern.

UNIX & GNU/Linux - awk - Count number of words in a file and check a name in another

In this awk tutorial we're going to see how to count words in a file and display it.

And in a second time, we will see how to check if a name, inside a file, is present in the first file.

Let's check it.

UNIX & GNU/Linux - awk - Read a file and computing the average of students' marks

The awk user command is made to read a file and check each column, one by one.

We need to compute the average of students' marks and to display the total of their average.

Let's go.


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