Electronics - MSP430 - Restoring the default software

Once you've received your MSP430 board, you couldn't stop playing with it, clicking on every button, downloading all software you could find.

But at a moment, you said to yourself: "Eh, how can I do to restore the default software?"

That's what we're going to see in this tutorial to restore the demo default software.

Electronics - IAR Systems - Enabling the download binary file option to the board

Maybe you tried to compile a project. All was OK.

But when you wanted to download the binary into the board, nothing happened.

What's going on?!

The debugger has to be configured!

Let's see this in this tutorial to enable the downloading of binary files.

Electronics - IAR Systems - Errors using the Embedded Workbench IDE

Using the IAR Embedded Workbench can be really helpful.

But what happens when come errors during development?

Let's try to solve problems encounter with this IDE.

Electronics - STM32 - Using the ADC peripheral with a potentiometer

ADC is one on the most famous peripheral on a microcontroller.
In this tutorial we will see that it's possible to retrieve data from a potentiometer and send them in an array.

You are certainly wondering how to use a such thing on a STM32?

That's a good question.

Electronics - Keil - Creating a project by copying a default example

You are likely playing with your MDK-ARM uVision4 IDE with default examples provided by the ST firmware.

But each time you try to change something you see a message saying that the project is read only.

Therefor in this tutorial we will create our own project by copying an example provided in order to customize it.

Electronics - Keil - Errors using uVision4 MDK-Lite

In this tutorial we will see errors discovered by playing with the IDE uVision4 MDK-Lite.

Of course detailed errors and solutions are provided and will be added if more errors would be found.

Simple and easy, so let's get started.

Electronics - STM32 - Installation on Windows

Before going mad, by installing a STM32 board on your Windows OS, let's see how to install it with a simple way.

If you asked yourself what was going on, don't worry, you are not alone in this case.

Let's see how to resolve this problem with this tutorial.

Electronics - IAR Systems - Installing IAR Embedded Workbench and activate a license

If you already had some difficulties to install the IAR Embedded Workbench, let me explain how to get a time limited or a code size limited license.

This tutorial will help you to remove this kind of error when trying build a project without a license:

UNIX & GNU/Linux - LAMP - Installation

For a reason or for another, you need a server. You could install Apache, why not? But you want more! You want Apache2, PHP and MySQL in a bundle. For the same price we're going to add phpMyAdmin.

Let's see how to install LAMP and phpMyAdmin in this Ubuntu tutorial.


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