C++ - Design pattern - Singleton

This Singleton design pattern is certainly the most known and maybe the most easiest to understand.

Its goal is to guarantee that an object will be created only once through all the program.

C++ - Design pattern - Observer

The Observer design pattern allows an object (often called Subject) to inform other objects (Observers) that an event has occurred.

It's particularly useful when you have data from a Subject but you don't know how this data will be used by the Observers.

Android - API - Creating a GridView

The GridView is a bit like the ListView's sibling.

A lot of concepts are shared with those similar components.

Android - API - Creating a ListView

The ListView is certainly one of the most used components by Android programmers in their applications.

Why? Because the concept is easy to understand and the result looks nice.

But a lot of tutorials are made with complicated ListView examples.

C++ - CMake - Setup with Cygwin

There are many ways to create a Makefile.

In this tutorial we are going to see how to generate a Makefile with CMake on Windows.

Indeed, CMake is a complex but interesting tool that can generate native Makefiles for the compiler of your choice.

C++ - Google Test - Set up projects to use the gtest library

Creating a library for your Google Test framework is a good practise.

It separates your main project, your library and your tests code.

A great way to deal with your dev team and your test team.

Visual Studio will be our IDE for this tutorial.

So let's get started.

C++ - Google Test - Generating the gtest.lib from gtest.sln with Visual Studio

Google Test framework is provided with a solution already generated that we can use with Visual Studio.

It's the gtest.sln file.

But to use it we have to accomplish some steps in order to having it working properly.

This is what we will see in this Google Test tutorial.

Let's get started.

C++ - Google Test - Using a Makefile to generate tests

After succeeded in accomplishing the Google Test setup by hand we are going to see how to use a Makefile to create our running tests.

Of course, this time, we will use the Cygwin CLI in order to create our tests example.

C++ - Google Test - Setup Visual Studio by hand

Before playing with the Google Test library, it's necessary to install it.

This is what this tutorial is made of, a bunch of elements in order to set up it.

In our example, we are going to use Visual Studio 2017, so on Windows, without any Command-Line Interface (CLI) nor the RUN_ALL_TESTS() macro.

C++ - Qt Framework - Using Jenkins to generate an .EXE file

In this tutorial we are going to see how to download a project directly on GitHub, generate makefiles of this project, compile it and copy several dynamic-link libraries from a directory to another one.

And all that automatically!

Let's see this in this Jenkins setup for Qt on Windows with MinGW.


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