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JavaScript - Object Node - The childNodes property

The childNodes property allows us to select an element of a node.

For example, we want to retrieve all values of HTML <li> tags inside a <ul> one.

So, let's try it:

JavaScript - Object Node - The childElementCount property

In this tutorial of the childElementCount property, we will see how to use it.
It is really easy.
This method returns the number of elements of a node.


Android - API Google Maps - Using MapView

This is the Tuto 2 of the Android tutorial series. You can find the application made here on the Android Market.
Just follow the link on your right.

Android - Application - Using Google Maps

As the Google Maps API v1 is now obsolete, I could recommend to check this tutorial for the new version of Google Maps API v2.

Android - API - CharSequence

CharSequence is a native Java Interface.
Its path in the package is android.content.Context.getText(resId)
The class Context extends Object.
We will see this with an Hello World! example.

Python 3 - Function - Declaration

The following code is an example of how declaring a function with Python 3:

def myFunction(name):
    print("Hello " + name + "!")

Then to use it:


It will display:

Android - API - Activity

Each Android application has one or more Activities.
Each Activity has a lifecycle.
Each screen we want to use as an interactive component is an Activity.
So this application component must extends the Activity class.

Android - Eclair, Froyo and Gingerbread are still the most versions installed on Android devices

According to the official Android Developers website, the version 2 of Android is present on 95.8% of devices.

Version 1: 2.8%
Version 3: 1.4%

Ambitious to develop a project on version 3 with such statistics laugh

Android - Application - First application for beginners with an Hello World tutorial

Let's play a bit with Android and create our first application, in this tutorial for beginners.
We can call this tutorial: Tuto 0.
You could find it on the Android Market.

Open Eclipse.

On the Package Explorer, right click and select:


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